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The IMPACT HUNTER™ is one of the best hunting arrows ever designed.  Our proprietary Rugged Wrap™ Construction process provides a much thicker carbon wall than competing shafts, which makes the IMPACT HUNTER™ one of the toughest arrows ever built.  The ultra small diameter means greater penetration and less wind drift.  With our IMPACT HUNTER™ you have the perfect combination of accuracy, toughness, and pass thru impact!

Our IMPACT HUNTER™ is pre-fletched with 2” Blazer vanes for unmatched speed and durability. Our patent pending Blood Ring is standard on all IMPACT HUNTERS™ and will totally change the way you view your hunting arrow. With a +/-1 grain per arrow and a straightness tolerance of .004”, the IMPACT HUNTER™ is truly perfect for all your hunting needs. 31" uncut.


  Spine ID OD GPI  
  500 .165" .231" 8.2  
  400 .165" .238" 9.1  
  350 .165" .245" 10.2  
  300 .165" .255" 11.7  

bloodsport blood ring


A blank canvas that actually takes a ‘blood sample’ when it passes through the animal has taken the guessing game out of the equation for a lot of hunters. Never before has an arrow company spent the money to develop such an important tool for hunters.  The super bright white, textured, spray- on material is designed to capture blood as it passes through the animal without affecting arrow flight. You can literally see what type of hit you made from your stand, allowing you to make better decisions on when to begin tracking.

The Blood Ring™ shows plainly what kind of hit was made using the age old logic of blood types. Different organs present with different blood types and colors. Bright red, red with air bubbles, dark red or green/brown blood collects on the arrow and lets the hunter know what move to make next.



flare nock

Finally, a lighted nock system that doesn't require resighting in or changing nocks! Shoot the same nock all year long, then just insert the 5 grain light when you are ready to hunt!

The FLARE™ SERIES comes with lighted nocks and batteries. The Flare™ Nock and Battery is the most convenient lighted nock system ever made.

You can add the patent pending Flare™ Battery to any BloodSport® arrow almost instantly.

If the Flare™ Battery runs out of power, just remove it and install a new one for continued use.



APS outserts



Specifically designed for our small diameter arrow, the APS (Arrow Protection System) Outsert provides an unmatched combination of penetration and strength. Made from special 7075 aircraft grade aluminum, the APS provides all the protection needed without the weight of competing products. The unique APS design absorbs the shock of a hard hit rather than the carbon shaft. Simply the best hunting arrow tip made. Fits all standard broadheads and is included with the standard IMPACT HUNTER™ series.




arrow chart 


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